Project Portfolio, Sector and Function Expertise

  • Finance

    The most demanded profiles and niche researches

    2010 – 2017

    Sector Expertise Function Expertise
    IT, Software Finance Director (CFO), Global

    Consumer Services. Catering

    Retail. Food & FMCG

    Finance Director (CFO), Baltic Region


    Wholesale: industrial

    Representative offices and other companies

    Finance Director (CFO), Latvia
    Industrial Production Director, Finance and Business Control

    Consumer Services: catering

    Representative office of a global pharmaceutical company

    Finance Manager
    Insurance Director, Latvia
    Investment and brokerage Country Manager, Latvia
    Retail. Food & FMCG Head of Business Control Unit, Baltic States (currently promoted to CFO)
    Production Finance Controller Regional Units
    FMCG Business Controller Baltics
    Retail Chain: Food & FMCG Head of Business Control unit
    FMCG Regional Business Analyst

    Wholesale, FMCG

    Retail Chain: Food & FMCG

    Business Controller
    IT, Software Group Financial Controller
    Retail: Food & FMCG Tax & Accounting Manager

    Retail Chain: Food & FMCG

    Production: Industrial

    Production: food

    Business Services

    Wholesale, representative offices etc.

    Real Estate

    Business/ Shared Service Centres

    Chief Accountant. In Riga and regional companies (Zemgale, Kurzeme, Vidzeme)
    Retail Chain: Food & FMCG Financial Controller
    > 1500 contacts in CVO Recruitment confidential database Accountant, Senior & Junior. Specific positions: Tax Accountant, Payroll Accountant, Acounts Payable specialists etc.
    Food Production Sales Planning Analyst
    Wholesale, FMCG Sales and demand Planner
    Business/ Shared Service Centres

    GL Supervisor

    Cost Accounting Supervisor

    Cost Accountant

    Finance Coordinator

    Accounts Payable Supervisor/ Team Leads

    Accounts Payable Coordinator

    Cash Applications Team Lead




    Country Manager

    Insurance, Agency director

    Associate Director, Business consultations

    Regional Manager

    Managing Director, finance consultations

    Business Representative, Finance services

    Branch Network development Manager

    Branch managers: Rīga, Liepāja, Ogre

    Corporate clients division Manager

    Corporate Relationhip Manager

    Operational Risk Manager

    Platform Sales Manager

    Business Development/ client Manager (B2B)

    Service Unit Manager

    International Tax Manager

    Head of financial instrument services

    Treasury Operations Analyst

    Private banking


    Senior Credit Underwriter

    Credit Manager

    Credit Analyst

    Senior Risk analyst

    Internal Auditor

    Senior Auditor

    Bank Procedure Specialist

    Investment analyst

  • Business Development and Sales

    The most demanded profiles and niche researches

    2010 – 2017

    Sector Expertise Function Expertise
    Retail, clothing Regional manager, Baltic States
    IT & T. Distribution companies, global: Industrial products and FMCG sector. Pharmaceutical companies. Retail. Finance, investment Regional Director/ Manager/ Company Representative in Latvia
    Retail Chain, Fashion Operations and Administration Director in Riga
    Retail and Wholesale, pharmacy Commercial Director
    Distribution, FMCG Business Manager
    Sales, food additives for production. Sales, Industrial Regional Sales Manager, Baltics
    Food Production Retail Sales Channel Manager
    Production, pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing Director
    Food Production Sales and Marketing Director, Regional (Baltic States)
    Industrial Production& Sales Sales Director Latvia
    Online Sale Wholesale Manager
    Retail, home appliances Area Manager
    FMCG Key Account Executive
    FMCG National Key Account Manager
    Energetics Head of Sales (Sales Team Mentor)
    Retail chain Trade Center Development Manager
    Food Production. Finance: Banking and Insurance Sales Projects Manager
    Finance, payment service. IT, Software development Sales Manager
    Food Production Key Account Department Manager
    Representative office of a global FMCG company. Food Retail. Food Production Key Account Manager (KAM)
    Distributors, FMCG & food Sales Professional
    Wholesale, niche products for Healthcare and related industries HoReCa Business Manager/Latvia
    Food Production HoReCa Client Manager
    Representative office of a global industrial production company Business Supervisor
    Internet & TV Web advertising Project Sales Manager
  • Marketing and communications

    The most demanded profiles and niche researches 2010 – 2017

    Industries. Companies Profiles
    Retail, home appliances. Bank. Distribution. FMCG Retail, FMCG Marketing Director
    Representative office, global FMCG company Marketing and Sales Executive
    Telecommunications. Wholesale, Representative office, Industrial. Retail Chain, Fashion. Representative office, global FMCG company. Catering services, global company Marketing Manager: Latvia, Baltic States, CIS Countries
    Representative office, global FMCG company Trade Marketing Expert Baltic
    Industrial wholesale Product Marketing Manager, Baltic & CIS
    FMCG sector Loyalty Program Manager
    Energetics. Advertising Marketing Projects Manager
    Retail Chain, FMCG Marketing/ CRM specialist (Loyalty Program)
    Online marketing Internet Marketing Project Manager
    FMCG sector. Retail Chain, FMCG. Wholesale, Representative office, FMCG. Distribution, Industrial, representative office of a global company. Retail Chain, clothing. Finance industry (banking, insurance). IT, Software. Sales industrial Marketing Professional/ Marketing Coordinator (Latvia, Baltic States)
    Sales industrial Marketing Analyst
    Business Services Affiliate coordinator, loyalty program
    Wholesale, Retail Digital Marketing Specialist
    Brand and Category Management
    Representative office, global FMCG distribution company. Wholesaler, FMCG Brand Executive
    Industrial wholesale. Food Production. Representative office, global pharmaceutical company. Distribution, FMCG Brand Manager (Latvia, Baltic States)
    Sales, consumer goods Product Director
    Retail Chain, FMCG. Food Production (particularly large number of implemented projects and wide contact network) Category Manager
    Retail Chain, FMCG Private label Project Manager
    Catering Product/ Marketing Specialist
    Electronics company Product "ambassador"
    Public Relations
    IT, Software PR Director, Global (screened from EU countries)
    Production, one of the TOP 50 companies in LV International Relations Manager
    IT, Software PR & Marketing Projects Manager
    Production, industrial Communications Project Manager
    Retail, Food & FMCG Senior PR Specialist
    Marketing & Advertising Agency Communications Consultant
    Latvian representative office of a global wholesales company Social Media Coordinator
    Retail, consumer goods External communications specialist
    Retail, FMCG Internal PR specialist
    Various industries PR specialist
    Production Web editor
  • Production, Construction and Technical Profiles

    2008 – 2017

    Sector Expertise Function Expertise
    Executive: Strategic & Operational Management
    Production Member of the Board
    Energetics Corporate Strategy Director General. Manager of daughter company
    Production. Equipment General Director/ Operational Management of Latvian Production Unit
    Production. Industrial, metalworking CEO
    Production. Industrial, optical components General Manager
    Technical Management
    Production. Industrial, construction materials Production, Industrial: metalworking. Production: Industrial: Wooden windows. Production: Food Production Manager
    Production. Industrial Plastic Molding department Manager
    Production. Industrial Plastic Shop Engineer
    Production. Industrial, construction materials Production Unit Superviser
    Production. Industrial Compliance Manager
    Production. Industrial, construction materials Technologist
    Food Production Manufactory Shop Manager
    Food Production Food Technologist
    Food Production Technical Manager
    Production, industrial: timber Maintenance Manager
    Food Production New product development coordinator
    Production, industrial: electronic systems Engineer, R&D depratment
    Production, industrial: construction materials Concrete Projects Manager
    Production, industrial: construction materials Concrete Technologist
    Production, industrial: aerodynamics Engineer - Constructor
    Production, industrial: construction materials Constructor
    Production, industrial: metalworking Welder
    Production: industrial gas Service technician
    Production: industrial gas Welding Solutions Consultant
    Food Production Production projects Manager
    Retail, food production unit Production Manager
    Quality Management
    Production. Industrial Quality Department Manager
    Production, industrial: raw materials. Retail, food production unit. Production, industrial: textile Quality Manager
    Production, industrial: construction materials. Production, industrial: metalworking. Production, industrial: electronic systems Quality Engineer
    Construction and other
    Construction/ Real Estate. Industrial Production & Sales Regional Director/ Company Representative in Latvia
    Telecommunications Telecommunication engineer
    Construction Road Construction Engineer
    RE Development, Construction RE Development Manager. Architect Technician. Structural Engineer - Constructor. Estimator. BIM Library specialist. Visualisation Material and Assets Library Specialist. Work Environment and Safety Specialist.
    Construction, general Quality / Work Safety Senior Specialist
    Construction, HVAC Construction work Manager, HVAC
    Real Estate Development Real Estate manager
    Construction. Production, industrial: aerodynamics Construction work Manager
  • Pharmaceutical and chemical industries

    Production • Representative Offices

    Portfolio 2008-2017

    Most demanded profiles:
    Head of the representative office: over 60 professionals in our contact network with the responsibility for the Latvian / Baltic market and wider regions - CIS countries and Europe
    Field Force Managers
    Medical Representatives
    Pharmaceutical Affairs Managers: practically all specialists in Latvia contacted
    Other Recruitment and Market Research projects
    Sales Director Baltic States and CIS region
    Company Representative in Latvia, 4 positions, several companies
    Representative Office Manager
    Business Unit Manager, Oncology, 2 positions, several companies
    Product Group Manager, 2 positions. Total number of approached candidates: 116
    Sales and Marketing Manager. Total number of approached candidates: 268
    Product Manager, several positions
    Brand Manager
    Key Account Manager
    Sales Manager, Oncology
    Sales Manager
    Pharmaceutical Affairs Manager, for several companies
    Medical Representative, up to 10 positions
    Patient support Center Manager
    Pharmaceutical Affairs Manager
    Regulatory Manager
    Qualified person
    Registration Specialist
    Chemistry: raw and hazard material specialists, several positions
    Support Functions: Finance Manager, Chief Accountant, Finance/ Reporting Specialist, Finance Analyst, Supply Chain Manager, Logistics Coordinator, Logistics Controller/ Client Support Specialist etc
  • Industrial Sales

    The most demanded profiles and niche researches 2008 – 2017

    Sector Expertise Function Expertise
    Industrial Sales. Equipment & Machinery Sales and Operations Manager, Latvia
    Wholesale, Construction products Business development Director CIS countries and Baltic States
    Production, Industrial gas Retail Chain Manager
    Industrial Production Export Sales Manager. Europe, Scandinavia
    Wholesale, Industrial Export Manager
    Automation solutions. Production and Wholesales Sales Director Latvia
    Agricultural machinery and equipment. Construction machinery. Wholesale, Construction products. IT, Software Sales Manager
    Industrial Coatings Product Group Manager
    Industrial sales. Sanitary products Sales and Technical Advisor
    Industrial Production and Wholesale Sales Engineer, various specifics; cooperation with the Production, Construction, Health Care and other industries
    Agricultural machinery and equipment Regional Sales Professional
    Production, Industrial gas Sales Representative in Latgale, cooperation with the Production industry
    Industrial machinery and equipment Sales Professional in Kurzeme. Sales Professional in Riga. Sales Professional/ technical Consultant. Sales Representative (various industries and specifics)
  • Logistics and Procurement

    2008 – 2017

    Sector Expertise Function Expertise
    Retail Chain, FMCG Regional Supply & Logistic Director

    Industrial Production

    Production: Food, Beverages

    Retail: Food & FMCG, Home appliances etc.


    Procurement Director/ Sourcing Director
    Transportation, Logistics Head of Freight


    Food Production

    Procurement Manager


    Industrial Production

    Production: Food, Beverages Supply Planner
    Energetics Import Logistics Manager
    Retail: Food & FMCG Import Manager
    Various industries, mostly production and wholesale companies Logistics Manager
    Industrial Production Warehouse Manager
    Wholesale, Industrial Logistics Specialist (Maritime)
    Wholesale, FMCG Logistics Specialist Baltic
    Pharmacy Logistics and Business process coordinator
    Business Services Logistic Specialist
    Wholesale: Industrial Logistic Specialist
    Air Charter Service Private Air Charter broker
    Global Business Services

    Logistics Team Lead

    Order Fulfilment Manager, EMEA Region

    Distribution Coordinator

    Procurement Specialists (several)

    Raw Material Specialist

    Domestic Transport Specialist

    Procurement Team Lead

    Procurement coordinator

    Customer Export/ Import Care Representative

  • Human Resource Management and Law

    The most demanded profiles and niche researches 2010-2017

    Sector Expertise Function Expertise

    Retail, Food & FMCG

    Wholesale, FMCG

    HR Director, Baltics
    Wholesale, industrial HR Business Partner Baltics

    Representative office of a global FMCG company

    Consumer Services, Catering

    HR Manager, Baltics
    Pharmaceutical Company HR Business Partner Scandinavia and Baltics
    Production, one of the LV TOP 50 enterprise HR Business Partner Latvia
    Retail HR Director
    Various industries HR Manager, Latvia
    Production Head of Legal Baltics Business Unit / Law
    Retail, Food & FMCG HR Administrative manager
    Retail. Food & FMCG HR Manager
    Finance, insurance Recruitment Manager Baltics
    Retail Recruitment Manager Latvia
    Retail Training Specialist
    2015 - wide market research, nearly 150 candidates approached Recruitment Consultant
    Business Service Centre HR Data Management Coordinator. HR Payroll & Benefits Team Leader. HR Payroll & Benefits Coordinator. HR Services Coordinator, Learning & Development. HR Trainings Specialist. HR Specialist
    Food production Legal Department Manager
    FMCG, Representative Office Legal Councel

    Retail chain


    Finance: Insurance, Crediting, Banking

    Real Estate

    Retail, Food

    Retail, FMCG

    Production: Food, Beverages & Spirits

    Holding company

    Representative office of a global pharmaceutical company HR Coordinator&Compliance Officer
    SSC Contracts Manager/ Legal Advisory
    One of the LV TOP 10 enterprise Executive Assistant, legal and managerial
  • IT

    Regular placements and niche researches 2008 – 2017

    IT development & Internal IT positions
    SW Developer, Senior and Junior positions: C++, C#, .net/ SQL, Java, SAP, Oracle, PHP etc.
    DW Architect
    SW Architect
    IS auditor
    IS administrator
    QA Engineer
    IT Manager
    DB Administrator
    Test Analyst
    IT Team Leader
    Regional (EU) IT director
    Regional Business Intelligence Developer
    Plant IT Manager
    IT Business Analyst
    BO Analyst
    Google AdWords Project Manager
    Security Operations Analyst
    Network Technician
  • Global Business Service Centres/ Shared Services

    Portfolio 2008 – 2017

    Sector Expertise Function Expertise Placements #
    Global Production company. Global Business Services Center in Riga Management, Team Leads and Specialists: Finance & accounting; IT Helpdesk; Procurement; HR Payroll. Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Norwegian and Dutch 258
    Bank. Service Centre in Latvia to provide client services in Norway Operations Specialists: Payment, Accounting and Credit. Requirements: fluent English, learning ability (Norwegian language), high level of accuracy and attention to details, logical thinking, focus on customer service 250
    Global Production company. EMEA Business Service Center in Riga Functional Management, Team Leads and Specialists: accounting, credit and collections, accounts payable, purchasing, customer services, transportation, data management, information technology, and human resources. Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French, German 61
    Bank. Shared Service Center in Riga Operations Specialists: Payment Operations, Trading Operations, Security Operations. Requirements: fluent English, high level of accuracy and attention to details, logical thinking, and focus on customer service 41
    One of the leading on-line distributors in Europe. Business Service Centre in Riga Team Leads, Finance and Data administration Specialists. Sales & Customer Service 39
    Industrial Production Company SAP Trainees. SAP training and support in several production units across Latvia. Requirements: technical knowledge/ IT or Electrical Engineering/, perfect domain of Latvian, Russian and English, high level of patience, communication and cooperation skills 10
    Bank Customer support specialists 12
    Bank Data Transaction Specialists 11
    Insurance Company Agents, Client Service, Payment Control Specialists. Requirements: customer service-orientation, communication skills, proactivity, positive attitude and sales skills. Fluency in Latvian and Russian 17
    Bank Credit Specialists. Requirements: financial literacy, focus on customer service, high capacity for work, the ability to work quickly; stress resistance, excellent communication skills 4