Recruitment Process

CVO Recruitment Latvia SIA

Licence No. 56 for provision of recruitment services

Countries of service provision: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia

Address of service provision and legal address: K.Valdemāra iela 33 A – 15A, Riga LV-1010

Registration No.: 40003955719

Tel. No.: 67356120


e-mail address:

Information for the job-seekers

Procedure for provision and receipt of recruitment service:

  1. Signing the agreement and contract with the employer for provision of recruitment service – recruiting a matching employee.
  2. Development of a job description in cooperation with the employer, and creation of job advertisement and publication in media.
  3. Registration of applications submitted by job-seekers in confidential talent database of CVO Recruitment.
  4. Review of received applications and CV in order to assess compliance of the candidates with conditions set out in the job description and job advertisement within the period of 2 to 4 weeks from the expiry date of the job advertisement.
  5. Telephone interview with the job-seekers matching to the requirements of the specific job in order to specify compliance of information provided in CV and letter of motivation, as well as to clarify the career goals, requirements of the job-seeker and if it matches with the offer of the employer.
  6. Interview in person in the premises of the CVO Recruitment Latvia office with the candidates nominated for the second round, if professional competence, goals and requirements of the job-seeker are matching with the requirements of the employer. Interview takes place as an individual conversation or group discussion. Job-seeker will be informed separately about the form of interview.
  7. Development of functional CV or execution of other assessment tasks (for example, tests) in accordance with the requirements of employer.
  8. Interview with the employer if in the recruitment process, a match of job-seeker’s and employer’s goals or requirements has been found. One to four interviews are possible depending on employer’s personnel selection principles.

Before the meeting, job-seeker is informed in writing about the specific job offer and conditions of the employment contract:

  • company (employer) name,
  • legal address and address of operation,
  • telephone number,
  • profession, position of the employee,
  • time of commencement of employment,
  • working hours,
  • general characterisation of the job (job description: duties and areas of responsibility),
  • level of remuneration before and after tax payment,
  • working place,
  • contractual conditions relating to its validity period: temporary or indefinite duration contract.

In the conclusion of the recruitment process references from two previous employers regarding the job-seeker are summarised by using contact information provided by the job-seeker.

Job-seeker commences work in the employer’s company after mutual agreement of the employer and the job-seeker.

Refusals will be sent to the job-seekers with whom job interviews were held.



  • If during the recruitment process it becomes clear that goals and requirements of the job-seeker and employer do not match, job-seeker’s CV and contact information will be saved in confidential talent database of CVO Recruitment in order to contact the person in case of other job offer.
  • Job-seeker’s information and CV will be deleted from the database of CVO Recruitment after the receipt of first request.
  • Job-seeker’s information and CV will never and under any circumstances be disclosed to the third parties without prior personal agreement with the job-seeker.

Company CVO Recruitment Latvia performs registration of number of vacancies and applications, and pursuant to requirements of Cabinet Regulation No. 458 “Procedure for Licencing and Monitoring of Merchants – Providers of Recruitment Services” once a semester report regarding provision of recruitment services is provided to State Employment Agency. Company CVO Recruitment Latvia has created and is maintaining an electronic file of complaint registration; a written response to received written complaints is provided within the period of 3 business days. When providing a recruitment service, requirements set out in the Labour Law are complied with regarding prohibition of discrimination and compliance with the equal rights principle.

Information for the job-seeker’s from foreign countries:

Please take into account that mostly the candidates of our implemented recruitment projects are required to have a command of the official local language. We also do not provide resettlement services.

CVO Recruitment provides recruitment services in the Baltic States (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia).


Jūlija Lobanovska, Director, Member of the Board, CVO Recruitment Latvia SIA

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