Labour market trends 2013

Analysis of CVO Recruitment experience in the specific spheres
and contemporary tendencies in diverse professional areas year 2013


The year 2012 has slipped away with the speed of a hurricane for our team, which has been doing well. Now we pride ourselves upon the fact that owning to our support a number of gifted professionals and executives make a crucial turn in their careers last year.

We are still unique in the Latvian market due to a specific nature of our activity, which has been developed since 2001 and is still being perfected.

For the last 3 years pursuant to the market demand in additional to our principal activity – search of professionals and executives – we specialize in the particular fields as follows:

  • sales and marketing,
  • finances (inner functions of the company, banking and insurance),
  • technologies (production, construction and innovations) and IT,

we succeeded in the development of contacts of professionals and new positions database in the fields as follows:

  • jurisprudence and HR management,
  • logistics and purchases,
  • FMCG (the market of fast moving consumer goods, considering the business of the distributors and goods production),
  • pharmaceutics.


We provide a review of recently accomplished HR recruiting projects, during which a great number of issues have been settled: a large-scale market research has been fulfilled, interviews and estimation of many job applicants have been implemented – splendid and active professionals in the particular sphere of activities.

The most demanded segments of labour market according to the priority:

IT PROFESSIONALS, especially .net, Java and Oracle programmers

Last year we have successfully accomplished 22 projects in IT sphere. We recruited 13 programmers, a head of developers team, a head of IT projects and subject matter IT experts. As a result of the fulfilled market research our confidential database (CDB) of CVO Recruitment has been replenished with approximately 800 contacts of programmers, specialists of rare technological trends, such as Business Objects analysts (79 specialists have been interviewed within this project).

TENDENCY: IT still holds the leading position according to the market demand. It is predicted this tendency will remain for several years. The main motivating factors of IT specialists: ability to be involved into interesting projects and work with new technologies. “Name” of the company is of great importance, because it much depends on the company: an opportunity to adopt international experience, to go abroad to share knowledge, experience and acquire new technologies.

IT specialists are interested in a supportive working environment, availability to select the working place and a flexible working schedule.



For last two years the demand on financial executives and chief accountants is invariably high. Inner audit specialists and finance control experts are of top demand this year.
In 2012 we recruited 5 financial directors (in FMCG, manufacturing sector and in industrial-trading sphere). For the present moment our CDB contains contacts and data on 273 interviewed financial specialists, all levels.
Other our successfully accomplished projects: financial controllers (315 experts in CDB), chief accountants, inner audit executives (about 180 experts in our CDB), experts in financial budgeting and accounting specialists.
TENDENCY: The requirements of employers are growing when it refers to financial specialists’ recruiting. The employers request an ability to manage international finances and have a competence in HR management. Knowledge of the foreign languages affects much the opportunity to be nominated to a position. Therefore a substantial part of the recruiting process is allotted to evaluating English and Russian skills of job applicants. Financial experts fluent in German, Italian, French or the Scandinavian languages are of demand in Latvia.

In general the training of financial experts in Latvia is of high quality. All the leading Latvian universities provide relevant educative programs on finances.

This sphere has experienced a considerable increase in demand for last 2 years. We interviewed about 350 lawyers and 370 professionals in HR management. Last year we recruited four lawyers, an executive of legal department in the Baltic States, two executives of HR department and a director of HR management in the Baltic States.

TENDENCY: Company’s values and inner communication are more accentuated in the issues of HR management. The same refers to an opportunity to introduce and accomplish the program on team development in compliance with the demands of the manpower market in the future.

What concerns the sphere of law there are some new requirements among other general professional skills and knowledge: fluent Russian and English (atop to fluent Latvian) for professional activity at the international level.


The following projects were accomplished this year: 16 sales specialists, HoReCa administrators (hotels, restaurants, public catering) (175 experts in our CDB), executive of large customers’ department in the food processing company, brand-manager (215 FMCG experts in our CDB), business development executives, executive directors etc.

TENDENCY: With the growth of the market the key positions in the companies are taken by the executives of large customers’ department. These positions fall under more and more requirements. Businessmen realize that the precondition of a successful and potential economic activity lies in availability of a competent sales executive and a mentor to the team of salesmen. This position much resembles a coach of a sport team – he is able to find an approach to every single team’s player. The following qualities are focused: conceptual thinking, ability to impact and to persuade others, skills in people’s management.

There are certain changes in the sphere of marketing. The conditions much depend on technologies and ability to apply them effectively. A considerable advantage in the manpower market is granted to the specialists, for whom technologies is the natural component of their routine. New requirements are advanced to the marketing specialists and employees create new positions, for instance: market activation specialist, market sensing specialist, new channels’ marketing executive, leaders’ opinion executive etc.

Marketing and public relations are very popular among young people. The youth gladly joins the organizational process and realization of marketing measures during the progress of a project.



TENDENCY: If demand on marketing and communication specialists (so called in-house) in the companies remains at the level of the previous years, quite a different situation is for media and advertising agencies: this year is extremely active in HR recruiting sphere.

We succeeded in this field too. We recruited project executives and customers’ directors for several media agencies. The project on recruiting the communication director has been accomplished successfully as well (86 experts in our CDB).



A huge demand on pharmaceutics specialists let us to develop this field of activity. For last five years we managed to interview pharmaceutical experts of all the ranges: heads of the representative offices (more than 60 executives responsible for Latvian, Baltic and other large regions), the managers of products and the groups of products (130 experts in our CDB), executives in so called Field Force, medical representatives and specialists of narrow fields in pharmaceutics, like specialists in medicines’ registration and pharmaceutical affairs manager (we interviewed ALL and ANY specialists in this field of expertise in Latvia).

Besides the specified most demanded professions CVO Recruitment company has accomplished HR recruiting projects in logistics and purchases, and in engineering-technical sphere. We managed to recruit an engineer of industrial production for researches and development department, a quality control engineer, and a technical audit manager.

Lawyers, auditors, programmers, brand-managers, financial directors, large customers’ managers… – many job applicants entrust us to represent their interests in the manpower market.

We would gladly familiarize you!

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